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What's to Come in 2023 for Juuney

What's to Come in 2023 for Juuney


First and foremost, I would like to thank all of you for being here and supporting me as I work towards a dream I have had since being a little girl. 2022 has without a doubt been one of the hardest working years of my life, but at the same time it's been the most fulfilling. I could go on and on about what I've created this year and how far I have come, but I'm much more excited to announce what's going to happen in 2023! So much beautiful and sustainable slow fashion to look forward to!

My first launch of 2023 will be my patchwork collection from scraps that I had left over from my first launch. Throwing away fabric breaks my heart, even if it's just a little 4"x4" piece. There is so much you can do with it and it helps make my brand even more sustainable by throwing away as little as possible! I will have some cute tops and skirts to offer in sizes xs to xxl too!

One thing I think I'm most excited about is continuing to sell my clothing at markets! My husband and I have been doing in markets in Tampa for the jewelry I make and his woodworking for a little over a year now and it was such an incredible experience bring a rack of Juuney to the last few we did in 2022. I love talking fashion and it was so nice to be able to meet and connect with people who love my clothing! 

In 2020 I reached out to a manufacturer in Brooklyn who helps with the production of slow fashion and over the past few years we have been working on some designs that are just about ready to be shared with all of you! Still using sustainable material and fair waged USA factories, I will be able to create more intricate designs that will hopefully one day be in small business shops and boutiques! My goal is to launch some of the products in March or April because we want to make them so so perfect for you all.

On the topic of new designs, I am almost ready to launch a new long sleeve top and a pair of super cozy knit bell bottoms! I was fortunate enough to already do a photoshoot for these items in early December with my friend and past wedding photographer, Love and Life by Adelle. 

I have to be honest, writing this post has been very therapeutic in a way and making me even more excited for 2023! My 1st of the year activity is to make a few vision/goal boards with my husband and I suggest you do too! It's a great daily reminder to keep you focused on your goals and is oh so rewarding when you realize you've achieved one!

Here's to a healthy, successful and fun 2023! Cheers!


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