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Juuney was born out of our founder, Emily Bracey’s vision to bring the timeless elegance of her Grandma June’s dress collection to a new generation.  Grandma June’s reverence for beauty and fashion imprinted on Emily and she carried that spark of inspiration through college at FIT and into starting Juuney.

“I still think about Grandma June’s closet and the experiences I had with her that shaped my perception of what timeless fashion is. Looking back, I can see that the love and care surrounding my Grandma June’s dresses truly enhanced their beauty and value.  I still wear my grandma’s pieces and noticed that most of my friends don’t have pieces that have been passed down”

Pictured is model, Jordan, wearing one of Grandma June's dresses


Juuney’s collections will be an homage to Emily’s most treasured memories of Grandma June’s closet. A lot of clothing is beautiful but beauty itself doesn’t necessarily impart meaning.  It’s Emily’s intention to create collections with both.

“When something has meaning, you want to keep, care for it, show it off and if you’re very lucky, pass it down.  Thanks to Grandma June, I have that.  And it’s my hope that through Juuney, others will too.”

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