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Just a little less plastic...

Just a little less plastic...

Did you know the world is in a plastic crisis? Plastic pollution is a serious issue that is harming our beautiful planet and possibly our health. “Plastic pollution is not just an oceans issue. It’s a climate issue and it’s a human health issue,” said Claire Arkin, communications coordinator for the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives, a global network aiming to reduce pollution and eliminate waste incineration. In our daily life, we probably have plastic all around us. I’m here to give you 5 simple changes you can make to help with the plastic pollution crisis! I will be linking some of my favorite products below, but I’m in no way affiliated with these products/brands, nor do I make any money off of them. 

A  plastic toothbrush in the environment or a landfill, can take up to 1,000 years to break down into microplastics. Breaking down into smaller particles which eventually become buried in the soil or end up in a body of  water. It’s wild to think about how many toothbrushes are out there! Every toothbrush you have ever had will still be around as long as your great great great great grandchildren . Swapping your disposable plastic toothbrush for a bamboo one is so easy to do! These toothbrushes are inexpensive and work just as well as the plastic one! 

You know those thin plastic produce bags that are at the grocery store? How long do you really use them for? 20 minutes? Maybe a little longer? One of my favorite wedding gifts were reusable mesh cotton bags. I actually have invested in a second set to keep in my car! They also make a great gift!

Since we’re on the subject of groceries, how about ditching single use plastic bags as well. Just like the produce bags, think about how long you actually use them for. I bet it’s not too long. Many states are making strides to stop using them in general and I just think that is awesome! A lot of stores sell reusable ones at the checkout line, but if you want a completely non plastic option you can click here! I love how they are so durable and come in packages of multiples, that way you can have one or two in each car, by your front door, etc. Don't forget... we also sell Juuney reusable cotton bags here!

Another wedding gift win was a set of glass storage containers with lids! My family and I have ditched plastic containers, plastic wrap, and even ziplock bags since receiving these containers! Yes, they’re glass, so they may not seem ideal, but trust me when I say they’re durable! My husband uses them for sandwiches for his lunch. Plastic wrap, zip lock bags and plastic containers all take hundreds and hundreds of years to break down and typically end up in a landfill. 

This fifth one is one of my favorite switches I’ve made! Over a year ago I stopped buying liquid shower soap and strictly started using bars. Last Christmas I asked for bars from my family as a possible gift. There are so many pros to this switch, with ditching the plastic containers liquid soap comes in being the most obvious one. Another plus is that there are so many small business soap makers it’s any easy way to support them. They smell a lot better (in my opinion) along with generally being chemical free. My favorite brand is Chautauqua Soap Company which is a small business in my home town! One last thing about soap, it makes a great gift!

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