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What Is Slow Fashion? 5 Reasons To Make The Switch

What Is Slow Fashion? 5 Reasons To Make The Switch

Over the past few years, slow fashion has been eeking its way into the mainstream and counteracting our fast fashion tendencies. Instead, this concept focuses on ways we can positively preserve our environment, and still look good doing it. The fast fashion industry is responsible for 10% of the world's total carbon emissions, so it’s no wonder many of us are looking to decelerate our shopping habits - but what is slow fashion? Can I really feel the benefits of turning my back on fast apparel? Don’t worry, our latest article has everything covered for you.

What is slow fashion and what are the benefits? We take a look into 5 reasons you should switch up your fast shopping habits.

So, What Is Slow Fashion?

Slow fashion is an emerging movement dedicated to a sustainable, ethical and considered output and shopping culture - put simply, a “less is more” approach. Sustainability journalist Kate Fletcher, who first coined the phrase back in 2007, describes it as “designing, producing, consuming, and living better”. This is in contrast to fast fashion, which instead profits off overconsumption, cheap materials and unethical labour. Confused about whether you’re buying fast fashion? Any (brand new) top that costs you $5 can never be sustainable!

5 Benefits Of Slow Fashion > Fast Fashion

  • It’s more environmentally conscious 
  • Undoubtedly, the primary benefit of slow fashion is that it’s much more environmentally and ethically friendly. Just for a quick insight into the disastrous effects of fast fashion, the output of this industry is the second-largest polluter of clean water globally, the average US consumer is throwing away 81.5lbs of clothes every year and nearly 10% of the microplastics found in oceans come from textiles. Instead, slow fashion has a reduced output, often creating garments in small batches, with sustainable or recycled materials and practises that put the preservation of our natural world at the forefront. 

  • It lasts longer
  • Find that your fast fashion fits just don’t stand the test of time? With cheap materials and production processes, it’s no surprise that garments start falling apart after just a few wears. Slow fashion pieces are made with a conscious and careful approach to ensure purchases you make last a lifetime. 

  • It’s a better investment
  • One of the biggest benefits of slow fashion (especially for your bank account) is that garments made responsibly often save you money in the long run, despite initially being a bigger investment. While you may be able to pick up a bargain with fast fashion, the money you spend constantly replacing your clothes will burn a hole in your pocket. 

  • It’s a more enjoyable way to shop
  • You might even find a sustainable life to be a happier one! The great thing about slow shopping is that it lets you feel the excitement of spending money on garments you really love. It makes you think logically, rather than impulsively, plus it feels great knowing you’re shopping for clothes that aren’t harming our natural world. 

  • Supports smaller, independent brands doing good
  • There’s a reason people shop with big, fast fashion brands - they’re cheap and easily accessed, so it becomes a vicious cycle. Choosing to support smaller, sustainable brands (like us here at Juuney) will help businesses doing good thrive and help bring the slow life to the mainstream. 

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