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5 Ways to a Sustainable Life

5 Ways to a Sustainable Life

So you wanna make more sustainable fashion choices? I’m so proud of you and you should be proud of yourself! Wanting to switch to a more sustainable lifestyle can seem overwhelming, but I promise you it’s not! There are a plethora of ways to make many aspects of your life, wardrobe in this case, a little more green. After reading these 5 easy steps you will realize you can help save our planet while at the same time saving money along the way! 


Shop sustainable fashion brands. Not only at Juuney of course ;) There are so many brands that use sustainable fabrics, whether it be deadstock or organic fabric. I have found that many sustainable fashion brands are also small businesses and some of you may consider that a win-win! How can you tell if a brand is sustainable? 9 out of 10 times, in my opinion, a brand will generally make it known that they are sustainable. If you’re unsure, contact their customer service via email or direct message.  My favorite way to discover new sustainable fashion brands is to do a hashtag search on social media for “sustainable fashion brand”! You can do the same to find bloggers who are sustainable as well.


Shop secondhand. Thrift stores and estate sales are awesome, fun ways to find new fashion! I have always found it to be a great outing with a friend as well.  Whether you are shopping for something specific or just browsing, I’m sure you will find something. From chain stores (ie, Goodwill) to mom and pops, there are a huge amount of second hand stores throughout the US. When I’m traveling in a new city or on vacation I always make it a point to shop at a local thrift store.  Doing this is a lot cheaper than buying a souvenir, while at the same time being eco friendly.  Another plus to thrifting is to prevent clothing from ending up in landfills, approximately 80% does!  Poshmark and Depop are awesome apps where people sell their lightly used clothing! These are all great ways to save money and at the same time being part of the world of sustainable fashion!


Host a clothing swap. Whether it be with a community or a group of friends, clothing swaps are an awesome and social way to revamp your closet! Make an afternoon or a night of it. Tell friends to bring friends, the more the merrier, Change it up with not only clothes but jewelry, shoes or anything else that is of interest to everyone. 


Break up with fast fashion. If you can’t quit cold turkey, just start small and limit the amount you buy weekly or monthly. A good rule is asking yourself how many times do you see yourself wearing said clothing. The more people that stop supporting large fast fashion brands the better. These brands use specific marketing techniques to make us feel like we need something new nearly every day. Imagine how much money you will save and how much less crammed your closet will be with clothes that you don’t wear!


Learn how to repair clothing. Or invest in a tailor! The first business I started was actually being a seamstress! Learning to sew on buttons, fix seams and patch holes can be easier than you think and will keep textiles out of landfills. In the near future I’ll make a post on how to do these tasks! Learning to sew could even lead to you upcycling your current wardrobe or items you may have gotten second hand. 


Never feel bad about past purchases or what’s currently in your closet! I myself used to be a fast fashion shopper and never understood how impactful each clothing purchase was. The topic of how fashion affects the planet is rarely discussed, so it’s up to us to learn and educate others. These five steps are a great place to start! 

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