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This Too Shall Pass Adjustable Brass Bracelet Cuff


My Grandma June had a lot of words of wisdom, but one saying that really stuck with me was "This Too Shall Pass". I hand stamped these limited edition brass bracelets while thinking of her. 

These beautiful and adjustable bracelets are about 6" long

PLEASE NOTE: Brass oxidizes very quickly to create a very cool patina that changes over time. The cuffs will arrive shined and polished but over time (from as quickly as a week to, in some cases, months) the brass will get darker and take on a beautiful darker hue and lovely patina.

HOW TO CLEAN BRASS: ( my favorite natural method ) 

Lemon juice is a good cleaner of light tarnish because of its acidic properties. Squeeze the juice of a lemon and pour into a glass or plastic bowl along with one cup of water. You can add a teaspoon of salt for a deeper clean.

Place your brass jewelry into the mixture and allow it to be completely submerged. Leave in the juice for about 15 to 30 minutes, swishing it in the liquid every now and then. You can use a soft cloth or a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently remove the tarnish. Once the jewelry is clean, rinse thoroughly with water and wipe dry.

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